Friday, October 15, 2010

Shouldn't paydays be great?

So again, paid and then broke for two weeks! I am counting down the months until I am not living paycheck to paycheck. The creepy haunted past of late notices and collections have finally caught up to me! I take full responsibility in the fact I owe, it just sucks! So I will be clenchin it tightly for the next 5 months : ( No going out to eat, Christmas will be bare, no new nothing, cheap shampoo/conditioner, and of course as a mother, you have to feed your kids first and hope they don't eat everything on thier plate. My brother calls me a bottom feeder but I'm ok with that!

In the end, my husband I will be ready to buy our firt home. I am so excited! There will be a lot of poutting, crying, and hissy fits in the near future but it will be worth every minute when I am signing the next 30 years of my life to a new home! Oh, yes that will be me throwing all the fits!

Well back to work before I get fired and really don't have any money...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Do you ever wonder why boys sound like a group of girls?

One more funny thing...from Chloe

Here favorite thing to say is "You don't know my life." She says this when she is arguing with you. Especialy when you ask her to do or not to do something. That makes my husband and I crack up!

Funny shit my kids say

The following conversation occured at 7 AM on a Saturday morning with the child that fights every school day not to get out of bed, but yet, she was ready to go for the day at 7 AM!

Cierra: "Brian, Brian"

Brian: "I'm sleeping, go away"

Cierra: "Brian, Brian"

Brian: "What"

Cierra: "Brian, I think Mattie has leaches"

Now that if some funny shit!

Here's another good one:

Me: Son, how was your day at school?

Ced: Good.

Me: What did you do at recess?

Ced: Played soccer and again I got put on the crappy team. Everyone wants to play mid-field so I have 5 guys fighting over one position.

Me: What position were you playing?

Ced: I had to play goalie. The teachers always put me on the crappy team. I tell the kids to move up and spread out and they don't listen.

Me: Well, you have to remember those kids are playing for fun. It's not like when you are in a game. It's just for fun at school.

Ced: I'm tired of being on the losing end. These kids need to listen to me. I mean the best chance I have of winning is to pack the defense and the best player I have is me! It's stupid!

My son, 8 years old and planning strageties at school - to pack the defense. I find this funny because that is what my husband says to him all the time!

New Beginning

So, I have officially been married for 5 weeks and two days! Woo hoo! I think things are going ok. Still a few snags of course! So now I have inherited a husband, a daughter, 10, and a fluffy white dog. We are full family that lives in a dinky ass 3 bedroom/1 bathroom house...2 adults, three kids, a dog, gecko lizard, two hermit crabs, and a beta fish. Oh, and my husband wants a bird! So not going to happen!

With this blog, I plan to tell my life. The good, the bad, and the ugly! So here is a break down of who and what I live with.

Me: I am a go with the flow type of person (except every 28 days), most of the time patient, a mother of two (boy 8, girl 6), a step-mother of one (girl 10), work in non-profit social services, a maid, a drill sergeant, and a soccer mom!

Brian: Sensitive, romantic, anxious, a clincher, hot headed, KU junkie, soccer coach of 3 teams, fabulous cook, and my best friend

Chloe: 10 years old, 4th grade, argumentative, sassy, beautiful blond, soccer player, a little goofy but cute, taller than me, shoes size bigger than me, and very loving.

Cedrick: 8 years old, 3rd grade, argumentative, handsome, very funny, smart, athletic, gets pissed easily (wouldn't you if you had two sisters and mom bustin your balls every thirty minutes?), soccer player, and looks like his damn daddy!

Cierra: 6 years old, Kindergarten, argumentative, very sassy, beautiful, pulls at your heart strings, snores loudly, says the funniest shit, decided she hates soccer now and wants to be a cheerleader, and talks non-stop!

Momo: This is the gecko lizard. She used to be my nephews but when they stopped taking care of it, I got him and made him my sons pet. He stinks!

Gary and George: At least this is what their names were last week. These are the hermit crabs. I am surprised they are still alive but whatever. They are my daughters. She wanted a pet and they are cheap and easy.

Pjay: Yes, that is how you spell it. This is the beta fish, he is my s. daughters. I am surprised this thing is alive too. The water is so gross!

Mattie: The white fluffly bischon (bitch on freeze as my sister says) belongs to my husband. She's a good dog.

I don't have pets unless you count the four other people I live with. I do however, clean up after the lizard, keep the crabs moist and feed, and tell my husband to change the nasty water in the fish tank!

Well that is all for now, welcome to my family!